Published on November 15 2016

The Climb Review

Experience the natural beauty of North America, Asia, and Europe as you conquer towering and intimidating rock formations during exhilarating and extreme solo rock climbs in The Climb which was developed by Crytek.

The Climb is a first-person rock climbing experience in which the player is judged based on the technical ability and duration of his climb. The Climb is very aesthetically pleasing as a player becomes submerged into any one of three maps, with realistic landscapes, and dense atmospheres of horse flies buzzing around your head, the vegetation rustling underneath your hands and feet, and beetles scurrying about as you make your way up the rock.

The climb review

The Climb includes several different modes of play such as free solo climbing in which the player scales great heights, explores the environment, finding shortcuts along the way, and much more Players can hone their rock climbing abilities in the Bouldering mode in which the player must beat intense routes that are demanding of perfect technique and puzzle solving.

In Tourist mode a player can climb at their own pace accompanied with simplified mechanics. Tourist mode is an ideal mode for introducing players to the world of V.R. gameplay.

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The Multiplayer mode and Achievements really adds to the players V.R. experience by pushing the player to race against other players' ghosts, rise up the interactive leaderboards, and earn 99 achievements to unlock custom gear that the players can use during their climbs.

The Climb also includes training modes and tutorials in which the player can improve and perfect their skills and techniques. Each level has the standard difficulty settings of easy, medium, and hard.

The climb review

Though the game only has three maps - the bay, the canyon, and the alps - which some players might find unappealing, each difficulty setting leads on a different adventure up the rock which increases the interactive game play. You can race ghost players, pinning your best times against other players in the interactive leaderboards maximizing your times and climbing experience. If that doesn't quench your thirst for excitement and adrenaline then you can always try the game's Sisyphean infinite climbing wall.

The climb review

The controls at some points left players a little confused as they attempted to grab divots that turned out to be decorative pieces of scenery. That lead to some minor frustration as it only costs the player time as they must search for another divot to grab onto to for the most part, however, most holds were obvious and easy to click into The Climb is rated 'intense' comfort wise for a reason.

If you have not become accustomed to virtual reality game play it may take some time getting used to reaching around a corner or jumping to an opposite wall and the world having to shift around you I also would recommend standing up rather than sitting in your favorite swivel chair as I did and having to use your neck for every interaction. All the craning and straining will leave you with a serious pain in the neck.

the climbr review

All in all, due to the immersion into the world of climbing the player experience due to it's beautifully detailed environments and gameplay along with the lack of comfort I would have to give The Climb a 3 out of 5 stars.


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